New York Based Boutique Asset Management Firm
Real Estate

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve investors by generating alpha and total returns while maintaining high ethical standards and supporting sustainable business practices.

  •  We align our own interests with those of our investors by co-investing in all of the funds we advise. 
  • We aim to achieve financial success, while maintaining effective risk and performance monitoring. 
  • We are committed to building ethical and sustainable businesses, which we believe also contribute to overall returns. 

Our Value

The fund acts as a highly effective and value-added partner for cleantech entrepreneurs - not only by providing finance but also by providing additional industry expertise, experience in building companies and access to business and political networks in developing countries.

Most significantly, the fund seeks to assist investee companies by helping to facilitate their access to the large and rapid growing China market, where this is appropriate. The economic rationale for the application of proven technologies in China is compelling. For example, the current Chinese "Five Year Plan" envisages investments into clean technology of $740bn, which compares to Germany, the previous leader in cleantech investments, which invested $80bn in 2011.

The fund's investments would typically be in the range of $5 to 100 million (in multiple rounds). Larger amounts can potentially be arranged directly with the fund's investors. The fund seeks to take minority or control positions, typically as lead or co-lead investor.

Our Focus

  • Energy efficiency: smart buildings, smart grid, process technologies, controls, energy transportation technologies, heating & cooling systems, insulation, lighting
  • Energy generation: renewable energy and cleaner fossil fuels 
  • Energy storage: battery technologies, fuel cells 
  • Materials & clean chemistry: design for recycling, bio plastic, and process technologies 
  • Water desalination, water treatment and water efficiency solutions 
  • Transport: biofuels, electric vehicles and transport efficiency 
  • Waste-to-value: energy from waste and materials recycling 
Focused Sectors
  •  Air
  •  Soil
  •  Water & Wastewater
  •  Recycling & Waste
  •  Smart Grid
  •  Solar
  •  Energy Efficiency
  •  Energy Storage
  •  Advanced Materials
  •  Transportation
  •  Agriculture & Forestry
  •  Biofuels & Biochemicals
  •  Biomass Generation
  •  Fuel Cells & Hydrogen

Our Criteria

  • strong management team 
  • addressable market of over $300 million or rapidly growing market/niche with substantial barriers to entry 
  •  leader or potential leader in the respective industry or market niche 
  • absence of or little technology risk 
  • strong intellectual property 
  • commercial revenues and clear path to profitability 
  • opportunity for the investment adviser to add value 
  • opportunity for the technology for mass commericalization in developing countries